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The summers in the Columbia Gorge area are beautiful, but you won’t find them as enjoyable if your home or business lacks a decent air conditioning system to keep it comfortably cool. An overly hot house isn’t a place you want to live in, and a business enterprise that can’t keep its customers, clients, and employees happy during a warm day won’t be a very successful enterprise.

You shouldn’t have any worries about keeping cool if you have A&E Heating & Air, Inc. on the job and taking care of your air conditioning needs. We work with residential and commercial ACs, providing new installations, full replacements, speedy repairs, and regular maintenance. Make us your first choice for cooling services in Hood River, OR.

A&E Heating & Air, Inc. offers commercial and residential air conditioning services in Hood River, OR and throughout the Columbia Gorge area.

Do You Need a Central Air Conditioner Installation?

When it’s time to install a new central air conditioner, you only need to give us a call. No matter if you are looking to cool a small home or you have an extensive new business location in need of an air conditioner, you must hire professionals to handle all the work. Our technicians will size the new units to match the requirements of your space without wasting energy, and then take care of all the steps to install the system so it will work for many years to come.

Are You in Need of Air Conditioner Repair?

ACs are complex systems, both the larger commercial units and the smaller residential ones. Unless you have professional training, you should never attempt to troubleshoot and repair an air conditioning system on your own or allow inexperienced amateurs to attempt the job. When you notice signs of trouble in your AC—a drop in cooling power, strange sounds from the cabinets, ice along the evaporator coil, a reduction in airflow, etc.—call us a soon as you can. Our technicians will identify the source of the problem and then find the best method to remedy it. We will work fast so you can quickly have your pleasantly cool home or business returned to you.

We Offer Geothermal Central Air Units

People often think that geothermal systems can only provide warmth for a building. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ground–source heat pumps (as opposed to the standard air–source heat pumps found in most buildings) allow you to remove heat from your building and deposit it in the ground through the ground loops. A geothermal heat pump offers excellent energy efficiency, no matter the temperature outside, and they also benefit the environment.

Contact our specialists to find out more about your options for geothermal air conditioning. Along with installing new geothermal comfort systems, we provide the necessary maintenance and repair work that will keep geothermal heat pumps working for many decades.

We Offer Commercial and Residential AC Service in the Columbia Gorge Area

We are confident at A&E Heating & Air, Inc. that we can take care of whatever you need when it comes to excellent air conditioning in Hood River, OR. Whether you require AC service for your home or business, one call to us will schedule the work necessary for reliable air conditioning.



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